VMC Points

Needle Sharp


VMC® Needle Sharp™ is the very latest in premium point technology from VMC®, the result of a unique point-grinding process, chemically sharpened to perfection. The unique VMC® Needle Sharp™ ground needle point design combines maximum resistance and needle-sharp penetration for exceptional sharpness.

Spark Point®


Developed exclusively by VMC® for ultimate performance hooks. A premium point hardened by forming, followed by chemical sharpening ensures permanent hook sharpness. Front and back reinforcement ribs guarantee the point’s rigidity. Energy channels increase the speed of penetration and optimise the point’s driving force upon striking.

Needle Cone


The result of a sharpening technique that gathers the metal fibers and squeezes them toward the center of the point. By compressing rather than cutting, VMC® has created a point equal or superior in sharpness to the best available and incredibly stronger.



The first point with 3 micro-barbs. The upper barb, placed close to the point, guarantees swift hook bite at the slightest solicitation. Two lower micro-barbs prevent the fish slipping off, even when the line is slack. As there is no tearing of the flesh, the removal of a Fastgrip® hook leaves no wound. Fastgrip®’s penetration power is 15% superior to that of an ordinary point.



The geometry of the VMC® exclusive Dynacut point has been specifically developed for Big Game fishing and allows the hook to easily penetrate the hardest part of the jaw of species such as marlin, shark and giant tuna, instantly providing a perfect setting of the hook for a safe and clean fight. With four ultra-sharp cutting edges and four perfectly symmetrical faces, the VMC® Dynacut point does not require any additional sharpening. Designed not only to be ultra-sharp, the Dynacut Big Game Point has been shaped to last and resists enormous pressure during the setting of the hook.

Cone Cut®


The point that combines sharpness, structural stability and quality thanks to a conical tip, a triangular crest and a barb so fine that it assures, without force, a clean and perfect penetration beyond the barb.

Cut Point


The traditional hook point with excellent penetration capacity. This standard hook point is the most widely manufactured in the world. All VMC® hooks beginning with the number “9” have a standard Cut Point, unless otherwise indicated.