VMC Coatings

Coastal Black


Extreme corrosion resistance for the longest lasting black finish in the saltwater market.

Coastal Black is the one and only Saltwater Corrosion resistant Metallic Black plating with a Silky Finish for reduced friction and faster penetration. Visit our online catalogue for more details.


Coastal PTFE


The Coastal PTFE coating (CT) is 5 times more corrosion resistant than a PTFE. It increases the penetration speed by 50% compare to a classic black nickel coating. This exclusive technology is the result of 3 years intensive researches at the VMC factory in France.

Corrosion resistance, penetration speed and discretion: this unique secret formula reveals the expertize of VMC to develop innovative and technical products.

This matt grey smooth coating is now available on a number of VMC premium models.



Permasteel® is the original anti-corrosion coating by excellence, exclusive to VMC®.

The Permasteel® secret formula creates a 100% protective shield for even the most vulnerable areas of the hook, whilst maintaining ultimate point sharpness.

VMC® Permasteel® prevents signs of corrosion in saltwater for over 1000 hours.

Stainless Steel


Reserved for specialized professional and sport hook series, VMC® Stainless Steel hooks are on excellent choice for deep sea fishing, salmon and big game.

Ultimate corrosion resistance requiring no further coating.

Tin Coatings


VMC® Tin Coatings achieve a perfect balance between coating thickness and point sharpness, to ensure optimum hook performance and resistance to corrosion.

VMC Tin Red and Tin Blue Hooks offer all the advantages of the VMC Tin plating, with a bright coloured varnish for extra visual effect.

Highly recommended for all saltwater fishing applications, particularly those involving intense friction e.g. trolling, or when in direct contact with stainless steel.

Black Nickel Coatings


Black Nickel and Onyx Black hooks are premium, elegant finishes from VMC® achieving the vital balance between sharpness and resistance. These technical platings ensure a high level of discretion for the majority of modern fishing techniques.

Coloured Coatings


VMC® coloured hooks receive a thin layer of varnish that will cover the hook without affecting the sharpness of its point. The varnish creates a shield on High Carbon or Vanadium® steel by covering the entire hook surface. To ensure that the point keeps 100% of its sharpness, VMC® has developed its unique varnish specification to ensure the greatest overall coverage with the thinnest coating.



Smooth P.T.F.E. coating is now available on a number of VMC® premium models for carp and match fishing, catfish and livebait. This technical coating improves hook discretion and increases penetration speed by 50%.