7232 - ReDenTex Front

  • The series developed and designed for slow trolling live bait techniques: Stewart Rig.
  • Coastal PTFE® coating: 50% increased speed penetration and 5 times more corrosion resistant than a stan¬dard PTFE!
  • Red Closed EyeTM to avoid leader abrasion during the fight.
  • 45° Eye rotation for perfect nose hooking. The hook slides on the leader according to the size of the bait.
  • Incredible new SuperLong Needle Sharp™ for ultimattee penetration. The Technical Locking curve shape locks the fish in place once you have set the hook.
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CT - Coastal PTFECT ‐ Coastal PTFE

Available hook sizes and coatings may vary by geographic zone. Please contact your local distributor for more details of the exact range available in your country.

Technical drawing