7318NE - Offset Cheboo

  • The Texas version of the Cheboo Lok to fish in heavy cover!
  • Developed for the Cheburashka technique, it features an Extra Large Eye to optimize the swimming action of your favorite softbait.
  • The PTFE coating, the Micro Barb and the Super Long Needle Sharp™ point give an absolute penetration power.
  • The Resin Keeper will keep your softplastic in the perfect position even after a few bites!
  • Use it with the Cheboo Weight for the perfect weedless Cheburashka Rig.
  • Dedicated Cheburashka hook for Pikes, perch and zanders
  • Wide Gap
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Available hook sizes and coatings may vary by geographic zone. Please contact your local distributor for more details of the exact range available in your country.

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