7346WT - MYSTIC® PREDATOR Heavy Duty Weighted Swimbait

Fishing style(s): Predator
Lure / Rig Type(s): Soft Plastic Lures
  • Adjust the weight position on the shank to acheive different swimming actions. Tapered locking spring securely holds the bait in place after cast. Easy to add or remove bait without damage.


Weight (g & oz)3.5 - 1/83.5 - 1/85.0 - 3/167.0 - 1/45.0 - 3/167.0 - 1/47.0 - 1/410.0 - 3/8

Available hook sizes and coatings may vary by geographic zone. Please contact your local distributor for more details of the exact range available in your country.

Technical drawing