The advantages of texan worm hooks (A.Brière)

Texan hooks prove often very useful. They enable you to arm soft lures without having a treble hook or jig head sticking out. This way you can make your lure swim through heavy cover whilst significantly reducing the risk of snagging.

A Shad armed with a big texan hook lets you fish using a cranking technique (a more or less continuous cast-and-retrieve pattern) in large stretches of weeds. When reeling in, these hooks get through almost anything without cutting-down the weeds in their path. The weight of the hook is spread evenly along the body of the lure (contrary to a jig head which concentrates all its weight at the mouth of the soft lure), which is a great help for linear cast-and-retrieve tecniques.

7346SB-Heavy Duty Swimbait

Very often, the problem linked to this rig is the number of "missed" fish upon striking. Most of the time, this issue is due to an unsuitable hook size. Many anglers still use texan hooks which are too small, so the hook point is unable to release itself upon the moment of striking. This is particularly true for pike fishing.

VMC offers hooks suitable for this fishing style in the Mystic Predator range : Heavy Duty Swimbait – 7346SB) with sizes from 5 to 8/0. As long as the hook does not limit the lure's action or swimming, it is never too big!

On the 7346WT (Weighted) version, hooks are directly weighted on the hook bend, maintaining the same balance for the rig whilst allowing to fish deeper.

Whilst for the 7346FB (Fixed Blade) model, the rig is enriched with a pallet on the belly which increases the lure's vibrations. This model is perfect for cranking for pike.


Thanks to these three series, you will be able to use various Texas Rig techniques for pike and big bass.

Arnaud Brière, Fishing Guide (France-92)
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