New VMC 75' Series treble hooks (L.Vrignaud)

This year, VMC, the world leader in treble hooks has created a new range under the the "75' Series" brand. A remarkable feat of engineering, taking pride in combining "resistance" and strength.

You might say that it's easy to obtain a strong hook, "all you need is heavy wire".  But where things get complicated, is when you want to create a fine yet resistant hook ... As you can well understand, I don't have the answer, or at least that's confidental; it's the secret of our French "savoir-faire" !

All stages of hook production are important, but a vital part of the manufacturing process is heat-treatment.  Hooks are heated to around 800°C in the first stages. This makes the steel wire extremely hard but brittle. Next, a second heat-treatment process gives the hooks more flexibility.  As you can well imagine, it's a question of finding the right compromise between hooks that are too hard and brittle, and hooks that are flexible and bend too easily.  Once you can master this, you get optimal resistance.

And not forgetting sharpness.  VMC 75' Series features the two latest point technologies : NEEDLE SHARP and SPARK POINT.


NEEDLE SHARP is the result of a unique point-grinding process, followed by chemical sharpening.  This technology also enables the production of barbless treble hooks with super sharp points.


SPARK POINT : the point is hardened by an exclusive die-forging process, followed again by chemical sharpening. Front and back reinforced ribs ensure the point's rigidity and also help increase the speed of penetration and the point's driving force upon striking



The 75' Series is VMC's cutting-edge brand for the premium treble hook market. Initial blind-tests comparing VMC 75' Series treble hooks with other brands' high-end hooks have been extremely promising!  This really does prove that the French know what they are doing when it comes to hook making, and we can be proud that VMC treble hooks are made in France exclusively, in the Belfort area.

VMC 75' Series Light treble hook (7552) - Laurent Vrignaud

Whether you fish for trout, zander, black bass, pike, catfish or even tropical species, the 75' Series has a hook for your needs....

And with a new exclusive colour code and an easy-to-read resistance scale, it's easy to identify immediately the right model adapted to each fishing style.

Check out the full range of VMC 75' Series Treble Hooks

Laurent Vrignaud, Professional Fishing Guide and member of the VMC France Pro-Team.
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