Inline single hooks are here! (N.Satto - Finland)

Hook manufacturer VMC, which is part of Rapala VMC group, sent me some 7266 Inline Single Hooks for testing. The Idea behind this hook - different from traditional single hooks - is that the eye direction is equal or "in-line' with the hook's bite. So when the hook is joined to a lure with one split ring, the hook is parallel with the lure, not diagonal like traditional single hooks.



Single hooks have advantages and disadvantages. A single hook will hold better and it will not get stuck in the landing net as easily. Different opinions exist regarding the consequences for released fish. Some say it will hurt more, others less. Probably it depends on each case.


One of the greatest advantages of single hooks is better swimming motion for many lures. For example the rather modestly swimming Rapala X-Rap SubWalk and Glidin' Rap jerk baits get a new lease of life with VMC singles. Unfortunately size 4/0 which would suit to them most jerk baits was not available for the test. Production starts 2015. Fortunately 3/0 and 5/0 can handle most situations.

PDF icon Kalastus Lehti Magazine (original test report in Finnish)

Niko Satto (Finland)

Topics: saltwater