How to tie a drop shot rig

This rig can be easily made by tying a palomar knot in your line. We recommend the VMC 7119 Super Light Drop Shot hook with Barbarian® bend for increased resisitance to opening.

Simply pinch a VMC® Drop Shot sinker onto the end of your line to change the weight instantly.

To tie a Palomar Knot : Bend the line and thread it through the eye of the hook. Tie a simple knot and pass the hook through the loop.

How to tie a palomar knotHow to tie a palomar knot

Alternatively, VMC® proposes a range of award-winning Spinshot® hooks for dropshot fishing with integrated swivel for easy line tying.  Simply attach the swivel to the line with two simple knots.

VMC® Spinshot® for easy drop shot riggingVMC® Spinshot® for easy drop shot rigging


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