75' Series Treble Hook Guide

The new VMC 75' Series Treble Hook Guide is now available to download. It has never been easier to find the right treble hook for your fishing style.

Making the perfect treble hook is complicated. That's our job at VMC. But choosing the right hook doesn't need to be. The 75' Series range of premium treble hooks is designed with the angler in mind.  This simple guide will help you to understand the different models available for typical species and uses.

The key to understanding the range of trebles is STRENGTH (or resistance). "Light", "1X Strong", "2X Strong" etc. is an indication of the wire gauge used.  The higher the "X" number, the stronger the hook. So for delicate species such as trout and perch, we advise the use of light fine wire hooks, and for the most fierce and powerful species such as big game and specimen catfish, we advise a heavy duty 6X model. Simply look for the corresponding labels on 75' Series packs.

Barbless treble hooks are becoming increasingly popular for catch-and-release techniques or for fishing in reglemented waters.  A wide range of 75' Series hooks are also available in a barbless "B" version, clearly identified by a red sticker on the front of the hook packs.

The 75' Series hook guides also lists VMC premium single hooks recommended for arming lures and spinners when trebles are banned.


More details about each hook and the sizes and coatings available can be found in the product section of this website : see the full range of 75' Series treble hooks


Download the 75' SERIES Treble Hook Guide in PDF format