World Predator Classic 2015 - Willem Stolk's impressions

At the end of the 2015 World Predator Classic, we asked Willem Stolk a few questions about the competition. Read all about it below :

-          Hi Willem, can you tell us what are your general impressions about the competition?

WPC is a one-of-a-kind competition with respected and skillful participants. It's also a good platform to promote several techniques and products -this is win-win for all of us, but also for the next generation. Casting with cranks, spinnerbaits, jerks, swimbaits and shads can be effective. Competitions like WPC have made me a more complete fisherman. It's a never ending story...

-          Which VMC hooks or products did you use during the competition?

I fished with two different jig heads: the Big Eye and the Swingin’ Rugby Jig.
Concerning the Big Eye, I chose sizes 4/0 and 5/0 18g and for the Swingin’ Rugby Jig 21g 5/0.

Big Eye 5/0 18g + Quik Strike trailer Big Eye 4/0 18g Swingin' Rugby Jig 5/0 21g

-          What we really want to know is if you caught any fish with VMC hooks? If so, which ones?

Yes, I caught 2 zanders during pelagic fishing. A 7 inch V tail shad rigged with a 18g 5/0 Big Eye, combined with a Quik Strike trailer hook. The Big Eye 18g 4/0 jig worked well during jigging. We had several zanders with this.

Concerning the Swingin’ Rugby Jig 21g with a 5/0 hook rigged on a Trigger-X Slop Hopper, it worked well during fishing in the weeds. I caught two nice perch during WPC with this rig.

-         So what prizes did you win during WPC?

I gained 3 prizes:
* Biggest zander
* Zone winner
* 2nd team in the general ranking

Biggest zander prize Zone winner 2nd team

Congratulations Willem and thanks for your answers!

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