VMC Hooks Partners with IFISH in Australia

The VMC brand within Australia has received a considerable promotional boost as a result of a new partnership formed with the nation’s leading fishing television program IFISH. Hosted by Australia’s most recognisable fisherman, Paul Worsteling, the IFISH program takes viewers to some of the best fishing destinations available. One week you could be watching the IFISH team fish the bluewater of Exmouth in Western Australia or explore the remote reefs of the Cook Islands.

Check out some extracts from the program right here :

Throughout Paul’s travels and fishing expeditions, VMC has become the hook of choice and plenty of amazing fish have been caught on a range of techniques. The VMC 7266 In-Line Single Hook range has been a key standout when fitted to Rapala and Williamson lures. The advantage of using VMC 7266 singles on your trolling and casting lures is seen through the increased hook-up rate and improved safety for the angler when handling your catch.

This Australian Salmon took a liking to a Williamson Popper Pro 130 fitted with VMC 7266 hooks

The trusted VMC 8527 treble hook range has been battle tested against the iconic barramundi species during the latest IFISH season, with a number of quality captures whilst fishing the runoff in Darwin. Despite being a heavier gauge hook, upgrading the treble hardware on existing Storm and Rapala lures with the 8527 series still maintains the lures fish catching action. With a 6X Strong rating, the 8527 is built to withstand the pressures inflicted by barramundi during the fight so you can remain connected to your prized catch.

A leaping barramundi breaches the surface as it tries to win its freedom. However, the VMC 8527 treble series fitted to this Storm Thunder Barra remain strongly pinned to jaw

With filming for the new season of IFISH underway, there will be plenty of great fishing action featuring hooks from the VMC range with a heap of helpful tips you can use out on the water.

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