TV documentary film dedicated to VMC Pêche for Sky Pesca Italia

An Italian film crew was invited to our premises from Monday to Wednesday for the filming of a TV documentary dedicated to VMC Pêche, its products and its history.

A representative of our Italian distributor, Scorziello company, also took part.

This documentary is produced by Scorziello company with support from VMC Pêche.

The main aims of this documentary were to demonstrate the high quality of VMC production methods and prodcucts and to highlight the fact that VMC hooks are "Made in France", in an industry where imports from low-cost countries are a majority today.

The 20-minute documentary will be broadcast 20 times per month over a 4-5 month period on the Sky Pesca channel, also broadcast in other countries.

Thanks to all the VMC Pêche staff members who contributed to the smooth progress of this filming!

Note: You can watch the full documentary by clicking on this link: (only in Italian language)!

Topics: VMC
Tags: interview