Rapala Teams Compete in the World Predator Classic

45 boats of top European predator anglers will again compete against each other in Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands on June 25–27 in a three day tournament.

The World Predator Classic (WPC) tournament can be considered to be the European predator fishing championship event.

Last year, in the first WPC event Rapala teams won the two boat team event and caught two of the largest fish in the tournament. This year we have four Rapala teams and one VMC team in the tournament. Don’t forget to follow the tournaments live leader board and share the Rapala and VMC success stories in your social media channels.

The World Predator Classic 2015, based in the historic town of Hellevouetsluis, is battled out on the Haringvlet inlet in the south of the Netherlands. Haringvlet is a major estuary of the Rhine-Meuse delta and it’s known for its large pike, zander and perch.

The tournament is based on the fish’s length alone, and all fish caught are released unharmed after they have been measured and photographed. The anglers can enter three zander, three perch and one pike into the count each day, the combined length of the fish being their score.

For more information visit: www.worldpredatorclassic.com

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