Q&A WITH VMC HOOKS - Official Partners of the World Carp Classic

What sets VMC apart from other hook producers?  Mike Madeley, Media Coordinator for the World Carp Classic interviews VMC to find out!

For the second year running, VMC is the Official Hook Partner of the WCC, to be held in the Czech Republic from 9th-17th September.


VMC hooks has sustained hook production at its factory in France for over 100 years but today its reach is global. Covering 70 countries in all five continents of the World, they have a daily production capacity of 4 million fish hooks and have forged its reputation on innovative and high - quality products.


MM :  What sets VMC apart from other Hook producers?

VMC :  At VMC we are fully dedicated to hooks! VMC production today combines a steady innovation with an over-100 year old tradition of hook production. The company started in the early 20th  century. Every VMC hook is designed and produced on machines which are designed and assembled by VMC engineers. What's more all production processes forming, hardening, plating are 100% integrated which means enhanced consistency in production quality. Not forgetting that we are now the only fish hook producer in Europe. We are proud to be able to say that VMC hooks are made in France!


MM :  Carp anglers judge a hook by its sharpness and strength how have VMC addressed this?

VMC  :  We have  developed a new point -grinding technology to meet the high expectations of Carp anglers in terms of sharpness and durability. In effect, it is key to have a sticky sharp point but it’s equally important to have a highly durable point that doesn't go blunt. This is an on-going process along all stages of production, right from the start- by choosing the best raw material, by achieving excellence in grinding and sharpening to fine - tuning the heat treatment and finishing stages. Our century of excellence has taught us to go into detail at all stages of production. It’s by improving all the small details that makes the difference in the quality of the finished product!


MM :  What testing do VMC hooks under go?

VMC : A great deal of attention is given to our fish hooks through on-going and very strict quality checks. The quality of our raw material is regularly controlled to ensure consistent production. Hook points are randomly checked during the different production stages with highly technical tools in order to make sure the point shape remains consistent to the defined standards. Strength tests are also performed to make sure the hardening process is optimised and to ensure maximum strength and resistance to opening.


MM : Do VMC only specialise in hooks?

VMC :  Yes our core business has been hooks for over a century now. All members of the VMC team from machine setters and operators to logistics workers are living *hooks*. Our motto "Your Expert in Hooks" is not only words; it’s our day to day concern!


MM  : VMC hooks virtually cover every Angling discipline, how do you cope with the demand without compromising on quality?

VMC : We work with Consultants and key angler's in different countries. We export more than 70% of our production so the proximity of our final customers is a must-have for VMC. No VMC hook  is released without real field testing. Most of the people involved in product development at VMC are passionate anglers so very often VMC hooks are also tested 1st by VMC people.

I would like to thank Dawn Partridge, David Rossé, Cyril Alexeline and all members of the VMC team for their kind assistance.


Mike Madeley, Angling Spirit, Media Coordinator

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