A quick tour of the VMC website

Thank you for taking the time to visit the new International VMC hooks website.

To help you get the most out of your visit, here are some tips on what you can expect to find and how the website works.


A complete menu…

You can access all information on the VMC website using the main menu above.

  • Home: use this button to return to the homepage of our new website at any time. Our homepage is the place to find key information such as new products, your nearest VMC distributor and to keep up to date with our latest articles and posts on our social network Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Products: The VMC "Hook selector Tool" is at the heart of the new website allowing you to access a fully-searchable VMC product database.

    Use the basic search function to look for a hook by product category, size, coating, wire strength, or even fishing style.  For the hook experts among you, a detailed "Advanced Search" module allows you to filter the catalogue by a multitude of different technical options (lure type, barb, shape, end, point, forging.....) And what's more each individual product page gives you a detailed description of the hook pattern, models available and any relevant videos or articles. 

    Hook drawings can be downloaded and printed to scale for easy product selection. Please note that available hook patterns, sizes and coatings may vary by geographic zone. Please contact your local distributor for more details of the exact range available in your country.

    For a complete overview of the VMC range, our full .pdf trade catalogues are also available to browse and download.
  • Technology: this section will help you understand more about the different aspects of our hooks, such as the different VMC points, steels and coatings available.
    You can also visit the Hook Terminology page to get a better understanding of the technical icons used in our product descriptions and on our hook packaging.
  • Fish VMC: if you like to keep up-to-date on product news, test results, rigging and fishing videos, this section is right for you!
  • Company: learn more about VMC's history and know-how and the company's current position on the global market.
  • Distributors: a quick and easy way to find the national distributor of VMC in your own country, who can certainly point you to a retailer near you.
  • Contact: Here you can find details of how to contact VMC for trade enquiries.  VMC anglers, please don't hesitate to contact us via our Facebook page.
… and practical features!

The new website offers a filter system so that you can easily find the product you’re looking for.

You will notice that active filters are shown just below the main menu (marked with a tick). If you want to cancel a filter, simply click on the tick on the left side of page to remove it.

Active filters (screenshot)


Disable a filter (screenshot)


If you are looking for a specific product or article, the VMC website has two search bars to help you quickly find what you want.
A general search bar is available on the top right of every page, and another product specific search bar can be found in the left column of the product search page.


Enjoy your visit!

The VMC Team